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Accepting An Offer

When you get an offer — or ideally multiple offers — you are this close to selling your home. But, as they say, close only counts in horseshoes! Skilled negotiation is required to ensure that the deal is made for the highest price possible, with ideal terms and conditions.

Negotiating is a skillset that is difficult to master. You need a skilled agent like me, who will work in your best interest.

Chances are, an offer will be higher or lower than your asking price. Don’t be concerned or offended. It’s normal. In fact, the best way to think about an offer is as a starting point to a conversation. The buyer is interested. They have proposed a price. The conversation has begun!

Some things to keep in mind:

• Counteroffers are normal. Expect some back and forth. They offer. You counteroffer. You eventually come to an agreement.
• Momentum is important. Things happen fast at this stage.
• Price isn’t the only thing. You can negotiate on conditions, closing dates, assets included with the property. Don’t get stuck on one thing.

Once you agree on a price and the conditions are met, the buyer provides a deposit cheque to be held in trust until and title has transferred. The conditions usually have a set time for removal, and usually include things like a home inspection and financing.

Congratulations. You have a firm sale of your home!