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Time to go Shopping


Now the fun begins! Most searches begin online. In fact over 90% of buyers start their home buying process on the internet. Generally the most comprehensive website for property searches is, a Canada-wide database of all active properties for sale, also referred to as the MLS® or Multiple Listing Service. In Whistler and Pemberton, the Whistler Listing System is the most comprehensive site to search properties. Whistler has many unique ownership structures like Phase One and Phase Two properties, and the MLS does’t have the search criteria for these properties.

The Whistler Listing System allows you to narrow your search to a specific area, property type, price range, and key features.

The internet can be very helpful for you to get a sense of what’s available but keep in mind, it’s not a complete picture of the market or all potential properties available. Working on your behalf, I will do an in-depth needs analysis to find all the properties suitable for you, set up a time to view the properties and guide you through the selection process.


1. Homes in hot markets that haven’t made it online yet. These are desirable homes in great locations, at great prices that often get sold before a property listing is loaded online. With your needs on my radar, I will let you know about suitable properties before they hit the market when possible.

2. Expired listings or private sales not found on MLS® or the Whistler Listing System. I am on the pulse of all potential homes for sale, listed and unlisted.

3. Insight and an insider’s edge. I not only has access to more data than what is available online, but I bring expertise and a wealth of knowledge so you can be confident in knowing you have a complete picture of each property you are considering.


You have found a property you love. Fantastic news! Here’s how the offer process typically works:

Step 1: Decide on price, terms and conditions

I will conduct a Comprehensive Market Analysis (CMA), complete with comparable active and expired listings, recent solds, and other historical data to determine the market value of the home. This is extremely helpful when it comes to negotiating a fair price. You also need to decide on a closing date and if there will be any conditions of the offer such as home inspection, appraisal, reviewing strata documents etc. I will guide you through this..

Step 2: Prepare the offer

I will create a legal document (Contract of Purchase and Sale) that protects you, follows your instructions, and matches your schedule and needs. Signing can either be done in person, or through DocuSign, which allows my clients to sign online, without needing to print or scan anything.

Step 3: Review the offer

I will explains the details and terms of the offer, and suggests options for specialty clauses so that you know exactly what you are agreeing to.

Step 4: Present the offer

I will present and negotiate the offer on your behalf.

What happens next? One of three things:

1. The seller accepts your offer. Congratulations!
2. The seller rejects your offer. This isn’t common, but it can happen and I will work to find out why.
3. The seller countersigns. Changing the terms of the offer, and presents the offer to back to you. I will continue to negotiate on your behalf to reach agreeable terms. I will also advise you if it’s clear that an agreement cannot be reached and it’s time to walk away.