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Agent or No Agent

Most buyers today work with a real estate agent rather than go at it alone for many reasons. In most cases, your home is your most valuable asset, and it makes sense to use a professional.

I will provide you with key market insights, sound advice and save you endless hours of time and money — all while helping you reduce the stress of a large purchase so you can truly enjoy the experience of buying your dream home.

Top 5 Reasons Why Most Homebuyers Choose to Work with a Real Estate Professional

1. It’s free.

In almost all cases, commission is paid by the seller so having an agent working for you is essentially free

2. Avoid overpaying for a home.

If you’re like most buyers, you want to know, with certainty, that you are paying a fair price. Quite often, sellers overprice their homes to “see what happens.” I will educate you on the price of current competitive properties as well as similar homes that have been recently sold to help you make an informed decision on how much to offer for your dream home.

3. Represent and protect your interests as a buyer.

In any transaction, it’s important to understand that the seller’s agent is bound by contract to work in the best interests of his/her sellers. As a buyer, you also need representation (an agent), someone to work exclusively in your best interests. Engaging the services of a real estate professional to assist you in the home buying process means you now have someone to work solely in your best interests to provide you with:
• Confidential advice that addresses your needs first.
• Loyal and diligent “full disclosure” care, FREE from any conflicts of interest.
• Access to all listings including MLS®, bank-owned properties, distress and estate sales, even homes that were previously on the market where the seller might still be interested in selling.
• Expert advice on useful clauses such as home inspections and financing to protect you fully.
• Expert negotiation of the offer to purchase, to achieve the best possible price and terms.
• Expert advice on market value, inclusions, location, as well as help you decide when you should walk away.
• Discovery and disclosure of all information about the property including liens, warranties, disclosures, seller’s purchase price, market and planning activity in the area.

4. NEGOTIATE the best price and terms of your most valuable asset.

Negotiating requires expertise and skill, period. I am a masterful communicator with expert negotiating skills. My job is to help you decide what to offer, what to include, what to give up and most importantly, when to walk away if reasonable terms cannot be reached.

5. Manage the countless details and mountainous paperwork.

Ensuring the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed and that no balls are dropped from start to finish (and after) is a heavy load off any buyer’s plate. From the moment of engagement, I will ensure smooth sailing and guide you effortlessly through any obstacles along the way.